Ed Sheeran: This Is How I Made It

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The road to stardom hasn’t been an easy one for Ed Sheeran, and now he’s opening up about his new found fame. In a this mini-documentary, the “Lego House” gives fans an inside look at how he got to where he is today — a Grammy-nominated artist. Starting off, Ed narrates and says, “School was pointless, to be honest. All I wanted to do was be a musician. You couldn’t teach me how to play a gig, I had to learn that for myself.”

Showing off his true integrity, Ed then added, “I would still be doing this if I wasn’t getting paid for it.” In the video, he also talks about artists who influenced him, what he was like growing up, his relationship with his parents, and much more. Check out the interesting documentary for yourself above! (It’s long, but worth the watch!)

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