My Day. My Life. With Echosmith!

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It’s Sunday so you know what that means — time for another episode of My Day. My Life.! We recently caught up with up and coming band Echosmith — aka siblings Graham, Sydney, Noah, and Jamie Sierota — and got to see what every day life is like for them. Our Teen cameras followed them around on a big day for them, the day their album Talking Dreams was released!

So, what exactly does a band do the day their album is released? Well, they started things off at breakfast where a complete stranger paid for their tab! After that, they did some rehearsal, then grabbed lunch at Chipotle (yum)! That night, they played a small gig at a place in L.A. called Amplify.

Tons of fans came out to the show, but they had a very special guest — Seal! Yes, that Seal! He joined them for their song “Cool Kids” and even spoke to the audience about how awesome they are. Um, no big deal.

In addition to all that, we chatted with them about their new album, living their dreams, and much more! To see it all go down, watch the video above!

My Day. My Life. With The Vamps!