Dylan Sprouse Admits Why He Left Disney

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Between the years of 2005 to 2011, Dylan and Cole Sprouse ruled the Disney Channel with their hit show The Suite Life With Zack and Cody, and it’s eventual spin-off, The Suit Life on Deck. In addition to their popular shows, the duo — who made their big screen debut in the 1999 Adam Sandler film Big Daddy — were making quite a bit of money. In fact, they were ranked among the highest earning teens in showbiz. However, when they eventually made the decision to leave Disney, it wasn’t exactly mutual.

In this new interview with Dylan, he explains why he and his brother decided to walk away from a huge pay day. Apparently when The Suite Life on Deck was close to ending, Dylan and Cole wanted to have producer credits on whatever they decided to do next, but Disney wasn’t exactly on board (no pun intended).

Dylan and Cole pitched an idea to Disney where he and his brother would be the mentor to a younger kid, with the idea that the young protege could carry on the Zack and Cody legacy. Disney “laughed” in their faces, but then later proceeded to pitch the exact same idea to them, only this time the show was set in Miami. Dylan said that was the last meeting they ever had with Disney.

To see more of the interview, watch above! What do you think of Dylan’s confession? Do you agree with why he left? Or should he have stuck around? Sound off in the comments section!

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