My Day, My Life: If Drake Bell Wasn’t Acting? “I’d Probably Be a Superspy” (Exclusive Video)

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As far as child stars go, Drake Bell is def up there as one of our faves. He basically made Nickelodeon cool for us with Drake and Josh, and then made it even cooler with The Fairly Oddparents. And now with the just-released A Fairy Odd Movie, Timmy Turner is all grown up — and, whaddya know, so is Drake! We tagged along with Drake for a day from The Today Show to an “impromptu jam sesh” at his birthday party, plus got a glimpse at how adorbs he is with his fans. Oh, and? You’ll never believe the crazy thing that he witnessed (and luckily caught on camera!) in Times Square. Silly New Yorkers.

Click play for a day in the life of Drake Bell!

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