Watch: Exclusive Clip From ‘Romeo & Juliet’!

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Earlier this week we gave you guys an exclusive look at one of the new TV spots for Romeo & Juliet, but now we're showing you an exclusive clip from the movie itself! That's right, the latest big screen adaptation of William Shakespeare's iconic play doesn't hit theaters until October 11, but we think this will hold you over until then!

In this clip from the movie Romeo, played by the ever-so-handsome Douglas Booth, and his cousin Benvolio, Kodi Smit-McPhee, talk about love. As they discuss love, Benvolio tries to get Romeo to reveal who he loves, and you'll have to watch the video to see if he spills!

Check out the entire clip above and tell us, are you excited to see Romeo & Juliet when it hits theaters on October 11? Then, let us know who your favorite character is from this legendary play in the comments below!

Plus, check out this video of Douglas on the red carpet at the Romeo & Juliet premiere!