First Look: ‘Divergent’ Trailer Sneak Peek

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O.M.G. That is the only phrase we can think of to adequately express our feelings at seeing this Divergent sneak peek. MTV has announced that they'll air some "footage" of the HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED movie during the MTV VMA's pre-show on Sunday August 25, but haven't specified exactly what it will entail. Will it be a trailer? Will it be a scene? We don't know but we CAN'T WAIT!

Oh, but the best part has to be that Shailene Woodley and Theo James will be on hand to present it. (DYING.) Just in case you need help processing what you watched above — it moves pretty fast — let us break down this sneak peek of the sneak peek for you:

Tori voice over. ("You're different. They can't control you. They call it Divergent.")

Tris intensely staring.

Tris and Jeanine Matthews having a walk off/stare down.

Tori talking.

Big group of people (Dauntless?) walking and being generally bad-ass.

Tris again — simulation room, perhaps?

Four telling Tris "If you want to survive… (dramatic pause) Follow me," as he walks away (again) dramatically.

People falling to the ground.

Four with a gun.

Four whipping someone's leg around.

Tris elbowing some one in the face (we hope/think it's Peter).

Tris victoriously capturing the flag.

And of course — Tris' train jump.

Can you tell we're excited for this? Watch it for yourself above and share your freaking out feels with us in the comments section!