You’ll LOL Forever At Divergent’s Honest Trailer (VIDEO)

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If you thought Catching Fire’s honest trailer was hilarious, wait until you see the brand-new honest trailer for Divergent! Trust us when we say you’ll be LOLing forever! NBD or anything, but our sources also let us know that the video made its way to the set of Insurgent and the cast and crew can’t get enough either!

Listen — we’re all kinds of ob-sessed with Divergent, but when you break down what the movie’s really about like Screen Junkies did, you look at the film in a whoooole new light. Even if you’re the most die-hard Veronica Roth fan in the universe, you’ll definitely be laughing when they start the trailer by saying, “Wait, guys…we did this already! It’s The Hunger Games!”

Give it a chance, people! Check out the full video above!

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