Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Divergent’ With the Cast & Veronica Roth

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We've already seen the Divergent teaser trailer (which is AWESOME, BTW), but now we're getting an even deeper look into the upcoming movie! Fandango posted this behind the scenes video that features some never-before-seen parts from the movie, as well as some cast interviews. Oh, and Veronica Roth talks about it as well!

The video kind of gives a breakdown of the plot for those who might not know it, but we think the coolest parts are the behind the scenes footage! We've seen the photo of Tris standing on the ledge of the building right after the choosing ceremony, but this video shows a bit about how it was all done.

Also, we get a good look at the Choosing Ceremony itself, as well as a better look at the other factions, and the simulation where Tris is stuck in water! Also, Tris' mom (Ashley Judd) assures us that the movie is very true to Veronica's book.

For more, watch the video above, and don't forget — Divergent hits theaters on March 21, 2014.

Watch the Divergent teaser trailer below!