Disney ‘Paperman’ Short

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You’re going to want to get the tissues out for this one. Disney’s latest short, Paperman, was recently nominated for an Academy Award, and they decided to post the video on (where else?) YouTube. In the visually stunning short, Disney is able to tell a full fledged love story without a single word. (The opening montage from Up!, anyone?) According to its YouTube page, this short scombines computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques in a never-before-done way.

The video starts off with a young man and a young woman meeting at a train station. There’s an instant connection, but she gets away without him asking for a name, number, anything. The lovelorn fella thinks he’s lost her forever when he spots her in a building across the way. Taking any measure to get her attention, this is one video that will definitely warm your heart. Watch it for yourself above.

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