Craft-Teen: Dinosaur Bolo Tie DIY!

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It’s time for another episode of Craft-Teen! Last week, Ashley Adams gave us a break down on how we can spruce up our earbuds, but this week’s she’s showing us how to make an adorable dinosaur bolo tie!

This little item is the perfect accessory to any outfit, and is sure to add a little flair. The supplies you’ll need for this craft include: Bolo cord, bolo clips, plastic dinosaurs, spray paint, gold bullet shells, hot glue gun, E6000, scissors, tape.

After you gather your supplies, this is the basic breakdown of making your own dino bolo tie:

1. Cover work surface with paper.
2. Spray paint a dinosaur. Let it dry for at least an hour or two.
3. After it dries, take the hot glue gun and glue the dinosaur.
4. Place the bolo clip on the dinosaur where you put the glue.
5. Take your bolo cord and measure it around your neck to see how long you want it to be.
6. Use your scissors to cut where you want the cord to end.
7. Slip the cord into each side of the bolo clip.
8. Next attach the bullet shells by putting E6000 inside the bullet shell.
9. Then slide the bullet shells on the end of each cord.

And there you have it! Your very own dino bolo tie! For the full breakdown, watch the video above and tune in for a new episode of Craft-Teen next Sunday at 4 PM ET!

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