Demi Lovato on Unfollowing Selena Gomez: “People Change and People Grow Apart” (VIDEO)

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When Demi Lovato unfollowed Selena Gomez on Twitter last month, rumors began swirling that the former BFFs were going through some serious relationship drama. But, as with all social media, you can never really be sure what’s going on, and Delena fans were always quick to defend the two. Well, Demi appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night, and unfortunately, things are not looking good on the Dem/Sel front.

While playing the ‘Plead the Fifth’ game where host Andy Cohen asks three questions, two of which must be answered, Demi got asked about the unfollow. She already used her ‘plead the fifth’ card, so she was forced to give a reason as to why she unfollowed Selena. She uncomfortably responded,

“I think it’s just one of those things where people change and people grow apart.”

Um, YIKES! Andy even gave her an out by asking if people were reading too far into things, but she didn’t even go with that.

Delena fans, WDYT? Is their friendship over for good?

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