Demi Lovato “Made in the USA” Music Video Teaser; “Bad Chick” Unreleased Song Clip

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Demi Lovato says she’s “definitely going to collaborate” with Ariana Grande. But before that magical day comes, there’s still plenty of D.Lo goodies to go around. Including a new music video!

On July 17, we’ll all be graced with the visual version of her latest single, “Made in the U.S.A.” And the first teaser for it’s just been released. We know, it’s really short — less than 20 seconds! — but, hey, it’s called a ‘teaser’ for a reason. At least you can still get that all-American feel.

As for another Demi Lovato snack, a snippet of one of her unreleased tracks made its way onto the Internet, and ‘edgy’ doesn’t even begin to describe it. “Bad Chick” is bad-ass! I don’t wanna break // But I might // When you’re this bad // It’s all right. Listen here:

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