Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas Reunite for a Camp Rock Live Performance (VIDEO)

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Be still our Disney channel-loving hearts! After what feels like an eternity of not singing together, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato reunited live in Los Angeles for a performance of everyone’s fave Camp Rock tune, “This Is Me!” *Cue 2008-approved Jemi squeals*

When fans began to understandably FA-REAK out after the heard the opening bars to the song, Demi appropriately responded, “This is REALLY happening!” The screams were deafening when she began singing her verse, but the decibel level was taken to another level when Joe strolled on stage. Like, INSANITY, people!

Following the performance, Joe tweeted:

And then Demi responded:

Ugh, the FEELS, you guys! Check out the full reunion above!

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