Vinny Guadagnino Talks About Relationships, His Book and His Life’s Purpose on The Chopra Well (VIDEO)

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You’ve watched him spoil season 6 of Jersey Shore, spill on his new book, Control the Crazy, on The Click Clique, and yet there’s still tons you don’t know about reality star Vinny Guadagnino. But that’s all about to change. Right. Now.

On the newly-launched YouTube channel, The Chopra WellDeepak Chopra (AKA Lady Gaga’s favorite health guru) shows a side of Vinny like you’ve never seen or heard of before. He profiles the Staten Island native on his life’s purpose (pretty deep, eh?), relationships, his unique talents, and even death! It’s not all spiritual, though. Vinny hilariously turns the tables and asks Deepak his innermost secrets — like how to pick up girls and the meaning of “guido.” Trust us, it’s amaze.

The Chopra Well has officially launched! Check it out at youtube.com/thechoprawell. (P.S. Look out for Perez Hilton on an upcoming ep!) What’d you think of the interview? Did you have any idea Vinny could be so deep? Are you going to tune in for more of The Chopra Well?

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