We Found Your Next Favorite Female Singer and She. Is. AWESOME!

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If you love Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato, we have amazing news for you! Let us introduce you to Daya, a 16-year-old budding songstress whose current song “Hide Away” is actually SLAYING the charts and everyone’s ears.

Daya’s self-titled EP is out today, and because it’s the world’s first real taste of her music, she wanted to make sure it was special. “It’s pop music, but there’s a message,” she said. “We added in elements of everything that inspires me — from R&B to Indie. I really wanted to tell an honest story.”

To celebrate the release of Daya, we had a brief chat with the girl who we KNOW is going to be the next big thing. Just you watch, guys — she’s SO talented it’s ridiculous!



Q: How long have you been singing? When did you know you wanted to be a singer?
D: “I have been taking voice and singing lessons since age 10 and originally got into it because I was really interested in musical theater. After writing my first couple of songs and performing at age 14, I knew that I really wanted to be a singer.”

Q: What’s the story behind “Hide Away?”
D: “Because of my interest in songwriting, I was invited to visit a friend in LA for songwriting sessions with him and his friends. We wrote six songs by the end of the weekend and “Hide Away” happened to be one of them! I really resonated with the message which states that it’s okay to wait for the right guy — someone who will accept you for who you are. Instead of rushing into relationships and feeling like always need to have a boyfriend, it’s about finding yourself and staying true to who you are while looking out for the right person.”

Q: We love that! Who’s your dream collaboration?
D: “My dream collaboration would probably be Sam Smith.”

Q: What was your favorite song of the summer?
D: “‘Lean On’ by Major Lazer!”

We are ob-sessed! Daya’s single “Hide Away” can already be heard on radio stations across the nation, so what are you waiting for? Check out the song above (and get to learning the lyrics STAT) and be sure to download her EP on iTunes now!

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