My Day, My Life: Watch Drew Seeley Work Out, Try On Clothes, and Generally Look Really Hot (Exclusive Video)

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In case you didn’t already know, Drew Seeley is freakin’ hot, you guys. We didn’t quite realize the magnitude of his cuteness until we got to hang out with him for an entire day, 7am till 7pm, as we tagged along on his morning jog, his photo shoot and a little recording sesh and video shoot for his new single, “Fly.” But he got even more attractive once we found out who he’s dedicating the “Fly” song and video to — it’ll legit bring tears to your eyes, so we hope you’re armed with tissues.

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So, what’d you think of Drew’s vid? Do you like his song, “Fly?” How freakin’ cute is it that he dedicated the song to a fan? Share your mushiness over Drew in the comments!

And PS, you can get more info about Drew’s new music at drewseeley.com!