Dave Franco on Nick Hoult’s Pranking Ways!

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Warm Bodies might be a movie that’s about a zombie apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean the cast didn’t have a little fun in between takes! Teen’s Joey Graceffa sat down with Dave Franco who stars in the movie — that hits theaters on February 1 — and chatted with him about how his co-star Nicholas Hoult kept everyone laughing on set. Apparently, the Brit is a real jokester, and liked to prank the cast and crew.

Dave told us about a couple of the pranks saying, “Nicholas Hoult, he kept things fun, he was a little bit of a jokester. He would do stuff like, he got the director’s face fake tattooed [on his arm] and there’s a shower scene. So his back is to the camera, and he kinds of turns to the camera and he’s got the director’s face tattooed, and gave it a little kiss.” Another funny prank Nick pulled was in one scene his character R was reading a magazine, and he had switched it out with, um, an adult mag. LOL!

We also chatted with Dave about his character in the film, and much more. For the full interview, watch the video above, and make sure you see Warm Bodies when it hits theaters on February 1!