Darren Criss Covers Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” at Trevor Live 2012 (VIDEO)

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Something tells us that Darren Criss is Katy Perry‘s biggest fan. His Glee career was jump-started with a Warbler rendition of her hit, “Teenage Dream;” he appeared in her music video for “Last Friday Night” (which he also covered with Keenan Cahill and as part of New Directions); and, just this past weekend at Trevor Live 2012, he honored KP, who was guest of honor at the event, by singing her “Part of Me” single.

And that’s not even all the great Darren news we’ve got for you. Last Friday night (see what we did there?), he took to Facebook announcing his return to YouTube. He says, “Hey, remember when I used to post videos weekly on YouTube? Oh wait… Well, now that I have this new nifty looking YouTube page, maybe I’ll start. Is one a month acceptable for now? Go subscribe

Watch Darren’s “Part of Me” cover above, then tell us: Are you excited for his YT comeback?

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