Dare or Dare: Kian’s Glam Make Over!

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On last week’s Dare or Dare, Kian Lawley ate dog food (YUCK!), but this week he really outdoes himself when it comes to the gross factor. For the latest episode, Kian was dared to blindfold himself, go into his kitchen, and take three random items to eat all together.

So, what did he end up with? Well, he grabbed mandarin oranges, Grey Poupon mustard, and some butter. However, Kian decided to take things up a notch and he even grabbed some whole coffee beans! Then he blended them all together and drank some of his “smoothie” down. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty.

For the next dare, Kian’s sister joins him for a little glam make over where she does his make up and straightens his hair! Kian looks pretty, don’t you think?

Watch the whole video above for even more hilarity, and leave your dares for Kian in the comments section — he just might pick yours for a future episode!