Dare or Dare: Kian Dresses Up in Girl Clothes!

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Last week on Kian Lawley‘s Dare or Dare, it was all about eating really nasty stuff — spoonfuls of mustard as well as drinking lemon and lime juice to be exact — but things this week are a little bit more tame. (We’re using the term a “little” pretty loosely here, because you know it’s still going to be crazy!)

Once again, Kian took two fan suggested dares, and filmed himself doing them for your viewing pleasure. First up, Kian is pretty flexible, so he was dared to lick his own feet! Not only does Kian lick his foot, but he licks the other one too!

Next up, Kian decides to let his inner female shine, but putting on some totes cute girl clothing. It’s too good to miss — watch the video above, and leave your dares for Kian in the comments!