Dare or Dare: Eating a Whole Bag of Skittles!

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It’s time for another episode of Dare or Dare, and while Kian Lawley took things super public last week, he’s just embarrassing himself in private this time around. For the dares this week, Kian calls one of them easy, and gets all wet while doing the other one.

For the “easy” dare, someone challenged Kian to eating an entire bag of Skittles in under a minute! Doesn’t seem so bad, right? Wrong! He doesn’t attempt to just eat one of those small bags, he tries to down a HUGE bag of Skittles! We wonder if his teeth will forever be stained.

The next dare is still pretty messy, but probably not as bad as the Skittles one. Watch the video above to see it all go down, and tune in for another episode of Dare or Dare next Saturday at 7 PM ET!

Also, if you have a dare in mind for Kian, tell us in the comments! He might just do yours for the next ep.

Watch Kian Falling in Public!