Dare or Dare: Falling in Public & Marriage Proposal!

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Last week Kian Lawley got in touch with his inner glam girl as he got a fabulous make over, but this week’s dare might be a little more physically painful. For the latest episode of Dare or Dare, Kian was dared to fall in public in front of a random stranger, so that he did.

Heading over to Target to get his trollin’ started, Kian grabs a bunch of items and then “falls” in front of an unsuspecting man. How does he react to Kian’s fall? He’s pretty sympathetic as you could imagine!

Then, the real fun starts. Kian finds a lucky lady to propose to, but the real question is — does she say yes? Watch the video above to find out her reaction and stay tuned for a new episode of Dare or Dare next Saturday at 4 PM ET! Also, if you have any dares for Kian, leave them in the comments section and he just might do it for his next vid!

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