Dare or Dare: Drinking Hot Sauce With Connor Franta!

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On last week’s Dare or Dare, Kian Lawley was joined by Ricky Dillon where they danced in public, but things might be a little more painful this time around. Joined by Connor Franta, the two decided to down an entire spoonful of hot sauce. Kian even says it’s the hottest sauce they could find!

However, before they do that, Kian goes up to some random people in public and wears a spaghetti hat. Which basically means he took a bowl full of spaghetti and wears it on his head. Yeah. That happened.

After that is the big hot sauce feast, and let’s just say, it’s pretty harsh on the two. It might only be a little spoonful, but the it makes a BIG impact on their taste buds. Watch the video above for more, and leave your dares for Kian in the comments!

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