Dare or Dare: Dancing in Public!

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Last week’s Dare or Dare was pretty gross, not going to lie, but this week’s will definitely get the LOLs going. For this edition of Kian Lawley‘s show, he picked two hilarious dares: dancing in public and walking like a weirdo.

So, taking to the Westwood neighborhood of L.A., Kian and his pal Ricky start busting a move in the middle of a walking intersection. They’ve got some pretty sweet moves, don’t you think?

For the next part of his dare, Kian walks down the street like a “weirdo.” We think it sort of look like he’s a T-Rex, don’t you? Watch the video above for more, and make sure you leave your dares for Kian in the comments! He just might pick yours for his next vid!

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