Daniel Radcliffe Gets Freaked Out Being Alone at Home. Go Figure. (Exclusive Video)

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Here’s three things we already know about Daniel Radcliffe‘s new movie The Woman in Black. 1. It’s supposedly REALLY good (We haven’t seen it, but everyone who has keeps telling us!) 2. It looks REALLY scary. 3. It has DanRad in it, so we’ll be at the theater opening night thankyouverymuch! Now, for the stuff we didn’t know about Daniel, like how he doesn’t enjoy being home alone and that a very famous movie creeps him out…

Yep, it (and more) is all in our exclusive interview with Daniel Radcliffe! And check back tomorrow at 5pm ET for another super exclusive with The Woman in Black star!

So, are you excited for Daniel Radcliffe’s first movie post-Harry Potter? Will you be seeing it when it comes out this Friday, February 3? Sound off in the comments!

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