From Our BFFs: Wanna See Daniel Radcliffe in His Next Movie Role?

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Daniel Radcliffe may’ve just ended his stint as J. Pierrepont Finch in How to Succeed on Broadway, and his Harry Potter gig is dunzo, but his career’s still gonna go strong with his newest venture: The Woman in Black. And based on the (exclusive!) trailer clip below, we’d say it’s his scariest role yet. Are you planning on seeing it in theaters with your hands covering your eyes?

We thought 2011 was Mila Kunis‘ year, but since her newest project — Dior ads! — just debuted this week, we’re thinking she might own 2012, too. [Wetpaint]

A lot of young stars have graced the cover of Cosmopolitan. Ashley Greene, Lea Michele, Ashley Tisdale, just to name a few. But Dakota Fanning? We just didn’t see that one coming… [HuffPost High]

Selena Gomez is apparently taking a breather from the music scene… to focus on her acting career! [Cambio]

Breaking News: No literally, breaking news. Jason Derulo fractured his neck! Don’t get too worked up though. He tweeted the picture of himself below, so we’re guessing he’ll be alright. [M]

We know Lady Gaga‘s sported the fugliest craziest outfits of all time. We’ve just never seen them all in one spot… [Posh24]

Another one bites the dust. Zooey Deschanel, who separated from her husby not too long ago, finally filed the divorce papers. [Hollywire]

What’s more embarrassing than sporting an ugly tattoo? A misspelled one! Rihanna and Hayden Panettiere prove it… [gURL]

Based on these flirty tweets, we think there’s something going on between PLL‘s Lucy Hale and The Secret Circle‘s Chris Zylka. Ya hear that, Ian Harding? [Just Jared Jr.]

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