Dalmatian Adopts an Orphaned Lamb! Let the Cuteness Ensue!

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We’re the first to admit we have a slight obsession with cute animals here at Teen.com, and, let’s face it, we’ve posted some pretty adorbs things over the past few months (we’re talking to you, baby sloths). But after we saw this video of a dalmatian who adopted a baby spotted lamb earlier a few months back, we’re pretty sure that cuteness levels around the world have been crushed.

The unlikely pair lives on a farm in South Australia’s Barossa Valley where they have a relationship that’s unusual, even to their owner! He even jokes that he’s not sure if they should start calling the lamb a “sheepmatian.” How. Freakin’. Cute! We’re not sure what happened to the lamb’s mother, but with a pseudo-mommy as great as that dalmatian, there’s no doubt it’ll have a great life. Watch the video and prepare yourself for some serious AWWWs!

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