Craft-Teen: Make Your Own Cute Clutch!

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Have you been looking for the perfect clutch but can’t seem to find anything? Let Craft-Teen host Ashley Adams help you out with that! For the latest episode, Ashley is showing us how to make a trendy clutch that will add a little something special to any outfit!

First, you’ll need: a wooden box, dinosaurs, screwdriver, mod podge, foam brush, E6000, printed paper, scissors, spray paint, measuring tape.


1. Remove front hardware on the wooden box with the screwdriver.
2. Then paint the inside of the box with spray paint. Let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.
3. Place box on top of your printed paper and trace the outline of the bottom of the box on the paper.
4. Measure the sides of the box to make sure you cut enough paper to cover it.
5. Take that length and measure the same length away from the outline you made on the printed paper, making a second box.
6. Now you can cut out the corners of your paper that you aren’t using. You do this by drawing squares in the corner and cut them out so you end up with your paper looking like a plus sign.
7. Apply the mod podge to the wooden box and place your printed paper over it so it sticks.
8. Now you are going to repeat the same process you did for the bottom of the box for the top of the box.
9. Once both the top and bottom are done you can spray paint your dinosaur.
10. Reapply the hardware on the front of the box.
11. After the dinosaur has tried, take the E6000 and place little dots of it on the feet of the dinosaur and place the dinosaur on the box.

For more, watch the video above!

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