Taylor Lautner is Seriously ‘Cuckoo’ on His New TV Series

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We’ve heard all about Taylor Lautner‘s new gig on BBC Three’s Cuckoo — congrats, TL! — but we had zero idea that THIS is what we should’ve expected. What you’re about to see is the 22-year-old actor in a way you’ve never seen him before: hairy, disheveled and freaking crazy. (Guess the show’s called Cuckoo for a reason, huh?) Of course there’s a gratuitous shirtless scene thrown in there for our viewing pleasure, but we still can’t get past the beard.

According to BBC News, Cuckoo “will pick up two years after [Andy] Samberg‘s character has disappeared while walking in the Himalayas. He is presumed dead… Lautner will play a mysterious stranger who arrives to turn [the other characters’] lives around again.”

The new season of Cuckoo is tapped to air in the UK on BBC Three starting on August 7 at 10p. What do you think of Taylor Lautner’s new look? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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