Craft-Teen: Trendy Collared Necklace DIY!

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On last week‘s Craft-Teen, host Ashley Adams showed us how to be organized (and cute!) but this time she’s helping you expand your accessory collection with a trendy collard necklace.

This simple craft is something that just about everyone can do. To add a little style to your life, you’ll need: a collared shirt, hot water, a container, scissors, two safety pins, a brad, fabric glue, wire cutters, hot glue, some chains, and an old CD.

While the water is heating up, cut the collar off the old shirt. Then pour the hot water in the container, and put the old CD in there for about two minutes. Then, cut up the CD to be whatever shapes you want.

To see what else you need to do to make this cute craft for yourself, watch the video above!

Mirrored Collar Necklace DIYSteps:
1. Heat up your water, using a stove, electric kettle, etc.
2. While your water is heating up, cut the collar off of your old shirt. Cut as close as you can to the collar without cutting the collar. The collar is the base of your necklace.
3. Pour your hot water into your container (this could be a bowl) and put your CD into the water. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes.
4. Use scissors to cut shapes with the CD.
5. Flatter your collar and set each piece of CD piece to your collar where you want them.
6. Glue down each piece where you want it on the collar.
7. Use your brad to cover up button on the back of your collar. Cut off the brad edges using scissors in the back and glue the silver circle of the brad over your ugly button on your collar.
8. If your collar does not have a button you can take your chain and cut it into a short, medium, and long piece. Take the end of the longest chain and loop it through the safety pin, followed by the end of the medium and end of the short one.
9. Take another safety pin and slip the other ends of each chain on that safety pin, longest to shortest.
10. Take one end of the safety pin and pin it to the inside of your collar. Pin the other side to the other collar.

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