Craft-Teen: How to Make Rings From Natural Stones!

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On this week’s Craft-Teen, you’re getting double the DIY! That’s right, host Ashley Adams is showing you how to make not one, but two fabulous rings from natural stones — just like Rihanna and Vanessa Hudgens! The current bo-ho trend is to use gorgeous stones in your jewelry, but it can get pretty expensive, which is why Ashley’s version is perfect for those on a budget!

First, she’ll show you how to make a simple stone ring, then she’ll show you how to make a more intricate one that’s inspired by a certain Max & Chloe ring Ashley has been admiring. Some of the items you’ll need for this DIY project include: a blank ring, felt and scissors, and of course, some stones. Oh, and let’s not forget about glue! However, for the Max & Chloe version, you’ll also need some chain.

To find out how you can make this cute jewelry for yourself, watch the video above, and you’ll be stylin’ in no time!

pinterest-stone-hinojosaSimple Version Steps:
1. Apply glue to the stone and press the stone on the ring.
2. While this is drying use scissors to cut felt into shape.
3. Put shape underneath the stone for reinforcement.

Max and Chloe Version Steps:
1. Put ring facedown on surface, put chain around the top and measure how much chain you need.
2. Use jewelry cutter to cut the extra chain you don’t need.
3. Coat a line of glue on the side of the ring.
4. Flip ring over and put the chain around the outside of the ring where you placed the glue.
5. Let the glue dry for 10 minutes.
6. Grab your stone and apply glue to it. Apply stone to the ring bed. Swirl around and set it down to dry.

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