Craft-Teen: Meghan Helps Make Minecraft Wallets!

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Meghan is back for another episode of Craft-Teen with Ashley Adams! Last week, they showed you how to make fun Adventure Time pillows, and this week, they’re helping you with organizational skills with a Minecraft wallet DIY!

That’s right, if you love the video game Minecraft this is the perfect, well, craft for you! (Are you watching this, LDShadowLady?) As always, this craft is super simple! Some supplies you’ll need to get this done: grey, black, white, dark green, and light green duct tape. And let’s not forget about the scissors!

Basically, you’ll start off by taking some strips of the dark green duct tape, and tape some together to make it look like a huge square, which will be the base of your wallet. Then you put three more smaller strips inside, which will hold all your stuff.

For more on how to make your own Minecraft wallet, watch the video above!

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