Craft-Teen: How to Make Your Own Lace Boxers!

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Looking for a little something extra to add to your denim shorts for spring and summer? Look no further than our latest episode of Craft-Teen! For our host Ashley Adams‘s newest craft, she’ll show how to make adorable lace boxers to go underneath your jean shorts, or if you just want to add a little flair to your wardrobe.

For this particular project, you’ll need: a pair of white boxers, needle and thread, some lace, black fabric paint, a container, scissors, a paint brush, and a sponge. When buying the boxers, Ashley suggests getting a size that will fit you nice and snug, but it’s totally up to you on how you prefer them to fit.

Ashley shows you how to add the lace to the boxers by sewing them on, and also shows you how to make fun prints on them with the sponge and fabric paint! For more on how you can make your own pair of lace boxers, watch the video above!

1. Thread your needle, get a long piece going. Tie a knot at the end of threaded needle.
2. Take lace and start the hem on the inside of the led so that it’s the least noticeable. The boxers go inside-out when you are sewing them. Go in straight line all the way around the leg.At the end make another knot.
3. Cut off remaining thread.
4. Put a brown paper bag on your surface.
5. Put napkins between pant legs so you can paint.
6. Cut sponges into arrows. Take sponge, cut it into quarters and then cut a triangle out of the top and the bottom.
7. Pour paint into container, dip sponge into paint and place sponge on boxers.
8. Use paint brush to fill in any blank parts of the arrows.
9. Let them dry.

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