Craft-Teen: How to Make Your Own Floral Crown!

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Spring has finally sprung, and Craft-Teen host Ashley Adams can’t get enough of this particular season. For the first episode of her brand new Teen show, she decided to use this time of the year as inspiration for a super adorable DIY craft.

With events such as Coachella and other music festivals bringing back the hippie, flower child styles, Ashley decided to show you how to make your very own floral headband! Stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Lucy Hale have been seen wearing a similar style, so you know you’ll be in good company.

Some items you’ll need to make this look happen? A braided headband, some faux flowers, pearls, and a glue gun. To get the full breakdown on how you can make your own floral headband, watch the video above!

headband-hinojosa-crafteen 2SUPPLIES:
– Fake flowers
– Fake berries
– Fake leaves
– A piece of felt (any color)
– A braided leather headband
– A hot glue gun
– A jewelry cutter
– Scissors
– Fake pearls
– A piece of chain

1. De-stem flowers.
2. Clip off berries and leaves for your headband.
3. Set up a pattern for where you want flowers, leaves, and berries to go on your headband.
4. Glue the flowers on your headband first because it is the largest.
5. Then glue the rest of the leaves and berries you want on it.
6. To cover up backside of headband, cut your felt and glue it on the back of your headband.
7. Add pearls onto the flowers to add extra vintage look.
8. Use jewelry cutter to cut chain and then glue it to your headband.

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