Craft-Teen: ‘Adventure Time’ Pillows With Meghan!

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It’s time for another episode of Craft-Teen, and host Ashley Adams has a very special guest — Meghan Camarena aka Strawburry17! For the latest DIY project, Ashley and Meghan are going to make their own pillows of Adventure Time characters!

That’s right, they’re taking characters from the popular Cartoon Network show and bringing them to life. Ashley is taking on Lady Rainicorn, while Meghan is making Lady Rainicorn’s BF, Jake. Side note — for those of you who might now know what Adventure Time is, we’re giving away the first two season on Blu-Ray! Enter HERE to win!

Back to the craft! To complete this particular project you’ll need:

1. Cotton
2. Liquid stitch
3. Scissors
4. Stitch Witchery
5. An iron
6. Fabric

Any of these items can be picked up at your local craft store. For more on how you can make this craft on your own, watch the video above! Also, if you make this craft, be sure to tweet us your pics!

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