Cory Monteith is “Still Waiting To Meet the One.” Any Takers? (Exclusive Video)

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If Cory Monteith wasn’t already your favorite gleek (don’t worry, ours is Blaine, too), you’re about to rethink that, guys. Because we interviewed Cory about his new flick, Monte Carlo, and OMG, he is totes our new celeb crush. And not only are we crushin’ because he’s super cute (and tall!) in person, but because he chatted with us all about perfect proposals, romantic dates (even though his most romantic is “pretty lame”), and how he’s still looking for the one.

Prepare to swoon for all 2.5 minutes of this adorable interview…

Monte Carlo comes out this Friday, July 1! Are you excited to see Cory as someone other than Finn? Who do you think is “The One” for Cory? Spill it in the comments!

And PS, stay tuned for another interview with Cory where he dished on Glee‘s 3-D movie!