CONFIRMED: Cory Monteith Admits to Dating Lea Michele on ‘The Ellen Show’

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Although it’s never really been a secret that Cory Monteith and Lea Michele are dating, it still gives us a warm feeling to see each of them acknowledge their relationship in interviews. In her recent spreads for both Nylon and Flare, Lea beamed about her on-screen ex/off-screen love, telling Flare he’s the “nicest, sweetest guy in the world.” But now, for the first time (that we’ve seen, anyway), Cory’s also confirming Monchele.

While on The Ellen ShowEllen asks if he’s familiar with the term ‘Monchele,’ to which he responds, “Of course I know what Monchele is… It’s Monteith and Lea Michele.” When Ellen follows up, saying: “Because people think that y’all are a couple.” He’s quick to reply, “We are. Of course we are.” Aww! Watch the interview above! You. Will. Melt.

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