Copy Cat: Closet Tour With iJustine!

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Hey guys! I’m so excited about this week’s episode of Copy Cat, because I’m joined by the lovely iJustine! You guys know how much I clothes (maybe a little too much!), so we decided to show off some of our favorite items from each of our closets. I’m a huge fan of colorblocking, while Justine LOVES camo! Lol, she seriously has so much it’s amazing. We both also love hoodies (can’t you tell from the main pic?!), but who doesn’t love to get all comfy in a good hoodie? Also, not only does Justine share what her fave items from her closet, but we actually get to SEE her closet. It’s so cute and organized, it just might make you want to clean yours up!

Watch the video above and make sure you tune in next week for a brand new episode of Copy Cat!

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