Cody Simpson Reimagines Frank Ocean’s Track in “Super Beach Kids” (VIDEO)

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Frank Ocean‘s “Super Rich Kids” gets a little makeover from Cody Simpson. The day of his last performance of 2012, December 15, the Codester presented his Angels with a little treat via Twitter: the link to “Super Beach Kids,” his re-imagination of the Frank Ocean track. The “new” tune includes both rapping and singing from the Australian cutie, so if you’re a diehard Simpsonizer, expect to squeal a bit. Listen above, and sing along with some of the lyrics below!

Whole lot of waves in this world
Which one to choose?
Whole lot of curves on this girl, oh I’m confused
This bikini girl stand and watch me
I put the shaka up ’cause she hot
Whole lot of salt in my veins I can’t get out
And a whole lot of sunshine, and good times
Super beach kids with nothing but dark tans
Super beach kids with nothing but dirty vans

Woke up this morning on the sand
I’m still surrounded by my friends
And a bunch of empty soda cans
And something that the tide brought in

Beach love last night, last night I found
Found my beach wife babe, my beach wife yeah
I surfed at least three hours today
And the bottom curves felt so amazing
The Gold Coast life, me and my chick
We both skate by,
This girl’s so sick,
She’s in denim shorts and dirty vans
She’s got henna prints all on her hands

Real waves, I’m searching for them real waves
Real waves, I’m searching for them real waves, oh real waves

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