Cody Simpson “Pretty Brown Eyes” Alternate Music Video

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If you’re all about Cody Simpson, then the “Pretty Brown Eyes” music video should’ve sent you over the edge. (A bunch of shots of Cody shirtless? Yes, please! Even though that’s an everyday thing…) But now, you Angels and Simpsonizers should brace yourselves because, despite the lack of his abs, the alternate version of the “PBE” vid will be double your pleasure. Two Codys!

When Cody stopped by Trendin’ on Teen, the Aussie singer revealed that there was actual, real-life inspiration for his single: “A little bit, I’m not gonna lie. I don’t wanna make girls without brown eyes feel bad because I have been attracted to many different eye colors, but — you know — brown eyes [were] just relevant for me at the time.”

Watch the Codester’s “Pretty Brown Eyes” alternate music video above, then tell us your thoughts on this versus the original in the comments!

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