Cody Simpson Plays the Most Uncomfortable Game of ‘Eff, Marry, Kill’ Ever (VIDEO)

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When you play ‘Eff, Marry, Kill,’ you’re almost guaranteed to be put in at least one awkward situation. And when Cody Simpson recently got his turn at the game, it was no different.

Cody seemed to be excited about the game at first, but when he realized his choices were Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence, things got extreeeeemely uncomfortable. In typical CS fashion, he analyzed his choices before inevitably making the lose-lose decision. And, when you have your good pal’s on-again-off-again girlfriend, a girl whose sister you once dated and an Oscar winner — it’s definitely going to be a lose-lose.

We give Cody credit for actually playing along and coming up with an answer — some celebs probably would’ve backed out and said they couldn’t choose! To see who Mr. Simpson decided to eff, marry and kill, watch the video above!

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