The Click Clique: Christian Beadles and Popcorn Q’s With the Cast of Pretty Little Liars!

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So much happening in The Click Clique right now. So. Freakin’ much. From Bieber‘s dramatic few days to the One Direction fan fiction (oh, and Joey and Meghan’s Hunger Games fan fiction, too!) there was lots to cover this week. But somehow we also managed to fit an interview with YouTuber we Heart Christian Beadles and popcorn questions with the cast of Pretty Little Liars in this episode. We don’t know how we did it either.

So get crackin’ on this jam-packed ep above! Oh, and find out which PLL star makes the best fake pregnant person EVAH.

Whose answers to the popcorn q’s were the funniest? Isn’t Christian a cutie (who, side note, should totally duet with the Biebs)?

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