Clevver All Access With R5: Fun in the Windy City!

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We think R5 is ready to make a permanent move to Chicago! That last couple episodes of Clevver All Access With R5 have taken place in the Windy City, and it looks like they're all having a blast.

This time around, they're attending the Chicago Air and Water Show, which basically is an excuse to watch a bunch of cool air crafts fly over the beach and do cool plane tricks. Oh, and more importantly, there's even MORE shirtless fun (if you can believe it), and did we mention there is matching underwear? Yeah, you really need to see it to believe it.

After that, they all start talking about "swag" on the bus, and things get a little crazy. We're sure the combination of traveling, working, and little to no sleep has something to do with it, but hey — it's hilarious to watch! Ah, the glamours of life on the road!

To see all that and much more, watch the video above and stay tuned for another episode of Clevver All Access With R5 next Wednesday!