Christina Aguilera ‘Catching Fire’ Track ‘We Remain’ Full Song

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Last week we had a listen at The Lumineers' "Gale Song" from the Catching Fire soundtrack, but now we're getting to hear yet another song! Christina Aguilera's track "We Remain" just debuted, and it's sure to get you pumped for the Hunger Games sequel hitting theaters on November 22!

The lyrics certainly fit the story perfectly, if we do say so ourselves. Take a look at them below.

All the ways that you think you know me
All the limits that you figure out, limits that you figure out
How to learn to keep it up or below me
Just to keep from being thrown around, just to keep from being thrown around

Every single time the wind blows
Every single time the wind blows
I see it in your face (Ohh)

In a cold night
There will be no fair fight
There will be no goodbye
To turn and walk away

To burn me with fire
To drown me with rain
I'm gonna wake up
Screaming your name

Yes I'm a sinner
Yes I'm a saint
Whatever happens here
Whatever happens here
We remain

Listen to the track in full above, and tell us what you think of it in the comments below!

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