China Anne McClain Is BFFs With Bella, Zendaya, Debby and Selena And We’re So Jeal (Exclusive Video)

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So, did you catch ANT Farm‘s China Anne McClain at the Thanksgiving Day Parade? If so, did you completely fall in love with her super hyper cute self? Well prepare to fall even harder, you guys, as you watch China talk about her Disney BFFs like Bella, Zendaya, Selena and Debby, her obsession with Twilight and Taylor Lautner, and which pop song that’s on the radio right now she and her sisters are dying to cover. Just try not to be jealous of her ridiculously cool outfit and life that’s way beyond her 13 years, mmkay?!

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ANT Farm airs Fridays on Disney Channel! If you had a celebrity BFF, who would it be — and why? What’s your fave of her and her sisters’ song covers so far? Will you get their album when it comes out next year? Tell us everything!