Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets will Legit Make You LOL Forever

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It’s been a long six months since the last edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets came out, and we’re SO happy to announce that there’s finally a part eight to the HILAR series! In the latest video, celebs like Chloe Grace MoretzBritney Spears and Chris Pratt lend their Twitter accounts (and feelings) to JK’s team of experts who find the most hilariously rude mentions available on the Internet.

While some are just straight mean (“John Stamos has a gross belly button :/”), others are actually kiiiinda funny (“I feel like Britney Spears is stalking me on the radio. Quit forcing your suckage on me you tired hag!”), and even the stars themselves couldn’t help but laugh!

As usual, Jimmy Kimmel has managed to make us literally LOL! Check out the full video above and tell us whose mean tweet reading was your fave!

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