‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Honest Trailer

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From the people that brought you the hilarity of the most honest trailers you’ll ever see of Breaking Dawn and Harry Potter comes the same exact concept — but for Catching Fire! With the Blu-ray/DVD available today, it’s the perfect time for the sequel to The Hunger Games get the genuine — sometimes, brutally so — video treatment.

The Screen Junkies vid exclaims, “Watch as this global role model and feminist icon spends the entire movie getting saved by boys, complaining, being anti-social, and getting manipulated to the point where her actions have no affect on the plot at all.” We didn’t think that was true, but after re-watching the footage, erh, yeah, it kinda is…

To witness it for yourself, click above, then make sure to tell us your thoughts on the honest trailer in the comments below, or on our Catching Fire message board!

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