Google Maps Gives First Look at ‘Catching Fire’ Arena!

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OMG! We’ve seen a few of Hunger Games: Catching Fire sneak peeks, but this one is a biggie. Thanks to Google Maps, a glimpse of the mysterious Quarter Quell arena has been captured. Now, it’s only an aerial view of the set, but it’s still pretty remarkable! The crew created this “beach” in Atlanta’s Clayton County park (where the 1996 Olympic volleyball games went down) for the big showdown.

If you haven’t read the book, spoilers ahead! Breaking down the arena, we see the “clock” shape, and a couple of tribute launch pads. While that big thing in the middle is assumed to be the Cornucopia. One thing we do know, is those close up scenes of them actually diving into the water were filmed in Hawaii back in December. Also, the cast have ventured to New Jersey to film some scenes from the beginning of them movie. For more details, watch the video above and make sure to subscribe to our friends at ClevverTV so you never miss out on celeb news.

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