EXCLUSIVE: The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast Reveal Their Own Biggest Lies (VIDEO)

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We interviewed the cast of Pretty Little Liars and got the scoop on season three, found out the origin of “Keeganing” and the biggest lies the stars have ever told.

Shay Mitchell talks a bit about if there’s any positivity in Emily’s life throughout the season, and Ian Harding dishes on the future of Ezra and Aria’s relationship (hint: it’s not ever going to be boring!) and how sometimes people think he’s a creeper IRL!

Keegan Allen also tells us where the “Keeganing” craze began and also how he’s not on a “Taylor Lautner” fitness plan. (But he actually is, listen to what he has for breakfast.) He’s also a huge Downton Abbey fan!

And as for their biggest lies, one star admits to sneaking out in high school and another spills that they tend to embellish stories they tell! Watch the video for the full scoop!

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