Kristen Stewart as a Soldier in Camp X-Ray is Her Most Real Performance Yet

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When it comes to movie roles, Kristen Stewart‘s booked more than her fair share of ’em; when it comes to varying movie roles, sure, she’s got those too. (Hello, she portrayed a vampire with a mental shield in one franchise, Snow White in one movie and even Joan Jett in another!) But, despite her vast array of performances, you’ve never seen her more REAL than in Camp X-Ray.

In the first trailer for the upcoming drama, the 24-year-old actress stars as a guard in the United States’ notorious Camp X-Ray. The official synopsis: “A soldier assigned to Guantanamo Bay befriends a man who has been imprisoned there for eight years.”

Camp X-Ray hits theaters on October 17. What do you think of KStew’s new character? Are you shocked to see her portray something so different from anything else she’s done? Make sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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